Tri-Counties Regional Center provides supports and services for individuals with developmental disabilities living in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties so that they may live fully and safely as active and independent members of our community.

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CDCAN Reports: Governor Brown Signs ABLE Bill


Upcoming TCRC Informational Nights & POS Expenditure Data Presentations

Public Notice - Plan of Correction - Caseload Ratios

ARCA - Request for Proposals to assess the current CA regional centers accounting system for possible replacement

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AB1522 Service Provider Rate Adjustment for Employee Sick Leave

DSS Statement on Payment of Overtime Wages for Certain Home Care Workers

New Info on Self-Determination Program (Eng)

Programa De Auto-Determinación - en español

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New Online DSP Training system from DDS

Special Olympics World Games Open in July

 How to Complete & Submit the DS1891 Online

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Uniform Holiday Schedule and Half Day Billing Statutes No Longer in Effect

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Autism Insurance Mandate

Autism Insurance Mandate - as of July 1, 2012, Senate Bill 946 became effective, requiring private health insurance companies to include behavioral intervention treatment, including Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), for persons with autism or pervasive developmental disorder.

What does SB 946 require of TCRC and People with Health Insurance? This flow chart shows the path to getting ABA services and determining how reimbursements are decided.

Use this guide and sample questions to learn about your benefits. Using Insurance Coverage for Health Services (new Fill-In Form). Click here for Fill-In Form in Word).

Click here for the new income levels and steps families need to take to receive TCRC assistance with co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles. 

Click here for the revised Behavior Intervention Services policy. It covers co-pays and deductibles affected by SB 946.

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Applicant/Vendor Disclosure Forms and FAQ (DDS)

DS1891 Family Vendor FAQs

DS1891 Disclosure Statement Form (in English) (en español)

DS1891 Medicaid Integrity Letter (in English) (en español)

TCRC’s SLS Guidelines

Review TCRC's Supported Living Services (SLS) Guidelines approved at the TCADD Board special meeting, February 18, 2012. Resources include TCRC Guidelines to Supported Living Services, footnotes to these guidelines, Q & A, presentation to the TCADD board and a Person Served Friendly version.



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