Strategic Performance Plan

TCRC Strategic Performance Plan

The TCRC Strategic Planning Process

TCRC engages in a planning process every three years to develop a strategic performance plan. The plan must reflect the priorities deemed most important by the stakeholders, given available resources, to meet the needs of persons with developmental disabilities in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties.


TCRC Strategic Performance Plan 2016-2018

The current Strategic Performance Plan was developed with input from many stakeholders including persons served, family members, service providers, TCADD Board of Directors, DDS, TCRC staff, and community partners. We used insights gained from our previous plan and person centered practices guided our dialogue and decisions. Strategic Focus Areas include Family Support, Culturally Competent Services and Supports, Employment, and Specialized Healthcare. The current plan also includes Operational Focus areas that align with DDS Performance Contract Measures. Click here to view the plan.

Prior Year Plans

2013-2015 Strategic Performance Plan

2010-2012 Strategic Performance Plan

2007-2009 Strategic and Performance Plan


TCRC produces a mid year and end of year report annually to inform stakeholders of progress on strategic objectives.  

2017 Mid Year Report
2016 End of Year Report
2016 Mid Year Report
2015 End of Year Report
2015 Mid Year Report
2014 End of Year Report
2014 Mid Year Report
2013 End of Year Report
2013 Mid Year Report
2012 End of Year Report
2012 Mid Year Report
2011 End of Year Report
2011 Mid Year Report
2010 End of Year Report
2010 Mid Year Report
2009 Mid Year Report
2009 End of Year Report
2008 Mid Year Report
2008 End of Year Report
2007 Mid Year Report
2007 End of Year Report
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