Peer Advocacy Services


TCRC maintains a peer advocate team staffed by people with with all abilities.  There are advocates in each county who understand your needs as well as the DDS system.

Peer advocates are working hard to help you make the positive changes you want. Advocacy is an important part of the work of TCRC.  Efforts are continuously being made:

  • at the system, statewide level
  • in the community where you live
  • in services and supports.

If you would like to speak to the advocate in your area or more information about support groups, please call or e-mail:

Jennifer Dwyer, Supervisor

Joseph Buchroeder - Ventura County 


Peer Advocate Specialists have a in-depth perspective on how services are delivered. They are also staff at TCRC who provide individual & group advocacy training and support. The peer advocate team works hard to help you make the positive changes you want.

You can participate in advocacy activities through:

  • Self-Advocacy Groups, at your day program and in the community
  • Training & Conferences
  • Living in the community, and through your own personal everyday life experiences
  • Legislation & legislative visits