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In an effort to keep our stakeholders informed about the state of California budget, and how the budget will impact funding, as well as programs and services, we post news on “Budget Watch”. This page features updates from the Governor and Legislature, links to important news articles and various budget and advocacy related web sites, as well as important information about how you can get involved to make a difference. Visit this page regularly to keep current on budget issues.

Governor Brown Vetos Budget

Click here to view the Governor's YouTube post.  Excerpts from the brief post are below.

"For a decade the can has been kicked down the road and debt has piled up. In January I presented a balanced budget solution of deep spending cuts a proposal to let the people of California vote on whether to extend some taxes on a temporary basis."

Unfortunately the Republicans said no - they didn't want the people of California to have that right to vote. The Democrats on the other hand, made some very deep cuts. And the budget I received today there was more positive work.

Unfortunately it doesn't go far enough.

California is facing a fiscal crisis - and very strong medicine must be taken. So I am vetoing it today because I don't want to see more billions in borrowing, legal maneuvers that are questionable and a budget that will not stand the test of time."