Holidays: 11 days per year paid out at 8 hours per day.

Part-time employees shall be paid a pro-rated number of hours. Schedules shall be adjusted during the holiday week to accommodate this policy.

Personal Days: 2 Personal Holidays, per year paid out at 8 hours per day.


0-1 year of service: 10 paid days accrued at 3.08 hrs. per pay period

2-4 years of service: 15 paid days accrued at 4.62 hrs. per pay period

5+ years of service: 20 paid days accrued at 6.16 hrs. per pay period.

Sick Days: Regular and probationary employees shall accrue up to 8 paid hours (twenty percent of their weekly schedule) of sick leave per full month worked.

Bereavement Leave is paid up to 32 hours.

Jury Duty employees who have completed the probationary period and who are required to serve jury duty shall be paid their full salary, less court compensation, for a maximum of seven (7) days