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TCRC provides a variety of services to the population served on the central coast in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties. In order to fulfill the diverse needs of persons from infancy to end of life, the following options are available with more specific infromation on the menus to the left.

Services and supports (which are individualized to promote desired outcomes) include, but are not limited to, diagnosis; evaluation; personal care; day care; domiciliary care; special living arrangements; physical, occupational, and speech therapy; training; education; supported and sheltered employment; mental health services; recreation; counseling of the individual with a disability and his or her family; protective and other social and sociolegal services; information and referral services; follow-along services; adaptive equipment and supplies; advocacy assistance, including self-advocacy training; facilitation and peer advocates; assessment; assistance in locating a home; child care; behavior training and behavior modification programs; camping; community integration services; community support; daily living skills training; emergency and crisis intervention; facilitating circles of support; habilitation; homemaker services; infant stimulation; paid roommates; paid neighbors; respite; short term assistance; travel training; training for parents with developmental disabilities; vouchers and transportation services necessary to ensure delivery of services to persons with developmental disabilities.


To allow children with developmental disabilities to live with their families by meeting with the family to discuss the situation when additional specialized services may be needed to prevent out-of-home placement. To allow adults with developmental disabilities to live as independently as possible in the community, and persons of all ages to relate in a meaningful way to people without disabilities.

What to expect from the Regional Center

A TCRC Menu of Community Services to help you know what's available. Discussion of necessary services and supports which can be provided in community, home, work, and recreational settings- including unpaid "natural supports" (friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.). Discussion and help getting services and supports from "generic" service agencies which have a legal responsibility to serve all members of the general public and are receiving public funds. Supplemental Security Income (SSI), California Children's Services (CCS), and local County Mental Health Services are examples of generic services. Some of these services are only available to people below a certain income level. TCRC staff will help you learn about and contact these services. Discussion of cost-effective services which may be purchased by TCRC only after "natural supports" and "generic" service agencies have been used or ruled out. Reference to regional center board approved Service Policies which are rules to help the planning team make fair and equitable decisions about the types and amounts of services purchased by TCRC.

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