Person Centered Thinking

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TCRC's leadership in the use of Person-Centered Thinking tools and philosophy in all work for and with persons served as well as through all aspects of organizational activities has resulted in real and acknowledged momentum, e specially over the last three years, 2004-2007.

Organizational cultural change initiatives such as developing and leading the effort for alternatives to day services locally and in Sacramento, as well as communicating with colleagues state-wide about these efforts, have resulted in a vibrant and progressive environment at TCRC.

Omar Noorzad PhD, Executive Director, spoke to these issues in a presentation in February 2006 at the ARCA conference in San Diego CA. Learn more about his presentation through downloading the Power Point presentation.

Person-Centered Thinking

To learn more please read about TCRC's Person-Centered Thinking Initiative (4 page PDF 600K).

Services and Satisfaction Survey

TCRC administers a satisfaction survey annually. See the executive summaries for the last two years.

TCRC Training and Development Plan

This plan focuses on the training needs for Orientation of new employees, In-service and continuous improvement modules with topics such as mandated reporting, health topics, interpersonal skill development of managers, team building with the use of tools such as the Myers/Briggs Inventory.

Person-Centered Thinking Introductory sessions for the community of stakeholders of TCRC as well as a training track for coaches and mentors are planned over the next five years in this comprehensive training and development plan.

Person Centered Thinking Training

Communities of Practice

TCRC Plan for Change

The Process of Person Centered Thinking

Person Centered Thinking Tools