Tools of Person Centered Thinking


Tool What It Does Possible Uses
Important to/
Important for
A way to sort while working towards a good solution. · To think through a situation before deciding what should happen next
· As an every day tool
Donut Identifies role-specific responsibilities. (core responsibilities; use judgment and creativity) · Help staff get clear about their responsibilities
· Develop job descriptions
· A structure for feedback and evaluation
Matching Staff A structure to look at both what skills/supports and what “people characteristics" make for good matches · Help people think about the kind of staff they want and need
· Hire best matched staff
· Help to build community connections
Communications At-a-glance view of key information and how a person communicates. Especially useful in supporting people who don’t communicate well with words · For people to get to know a person more quickly
· Help people know how to support someone during challenging times
What’s Working/
Not Working
Analyzes an issue/situation across multiple perspectives. Provide a picture of how things are right now. · To do pinpoint problem solving
· Before planning next steps
· To get a broader perspective
Helps people look at learning from their efforts.

Given that learning a way to focus on future efforts.
· To evaluate a specific process or effort

· As a structure for group review
The Learning Log Directs people to look for ongoing learning.

A structure that captures details of learning within specific activities and experiences
· Replace the standard “progress note"
· Track efforts related to a specific focused area of change
· Deepen learning over time

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