Applying for Services

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Any person interested in receiving services from the regional center may call the local TCRC office and ask for information about eligibility for services. The receptionist will connect that caller to the most appropriate service coordinator. A parent may request services on behalf of a minor child. Community members and service providers may request services for another person if they have permission from the potential applicant to do so.

What to Expect from the Regional Center

You will learn about services and supports that can be provided in community, home, work, and recreational settings including unpaid "natural supports" such as friends, neighbors, co-workers.

Help can also be available from "generic" service agencies that have a legal responsibility to serve all members of the general public and are receiving public funds. Supplemental Security Income (SSI), California Children's Services (CCS), and local County Mental Health Services are examples of generic services. Some of these services are only available to people below a certain income level. TCRC staff will help you learn about and contact these services.

Information will be provided about cost-effective services that may be purchased by TCRC after "natural supports" and "generic" service agencies have been used or ruled out.   You can expect reference to regional center board approved Service Policies which are rules to help the planning team make fair and equitable decisions about the types and amounts of services purchased by TCRC.

Service Descriptions


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