Counseling services may be provided when a person or his/her family member require a deeper understanding of social or psychological problems that are associated with the developmental disability. An initial clinical assessment identifies the possible problem, the expectations and the time lines for improvement with therapy. Any referral or provision of counseling services is made by the Planning Team. To be successful in therapy, the person and/or family member(s) must be willing to participate.

Counseling services are provided by a licensed psychologist, psychiatrist, clinical social worker or a marriage family child counselor. Sometimes, these services are part of a program plan for someone that includes medication and behavioral management. The Planning Team will determine whether the counseling service will be provided by clinical consultants on contract with Tri-Counties Regional Center or by an outside source. Tri-Counties Regional Center may authorize short-term and crisis counseling services.

Other resources for counseling include mental health agencies, California Children's Services, local education agencies, health care facility providers, private insurance, trust funds, church pastor, Family Service Agencies or other low cost counseling centers.