Travel Training

Travel training is a program that teaches people with developmental disabilities to access public transit services within their community.  The most common form of travel training is the use of public transit buses; but travel training can also teach a person safe practices when walking or riding a bike.

Although the most popular training destination is from home to program and back, we also train to other locations such as. . .

  • Regional Center offices
  • Department of Rehabilitation
  • Job-sites
  • Medical Appointments
  • Transportation Centers
  • Shopping Centers
  • Other locations as requested and authorized by the Regional Center

The training curriculum incorporates the basics in the practice of the person's elected form of travel training.  The trainees will also learn to read service schedules and some will even learn to route their trip.  Regardless of the lesson, the emphasis is on safety.

Some of the safety items covered are:

  • Appropriate Social Interaction
  • Landmark Identification
  • Maintaining Awareness of Surroundings
  • Recognition, Comprehension and Observance of Street Signs
  • Street Crossing
  • Stranger Safety