TCADD Board Qualifications

It has been said that voluntary effort is the very substance of democracy - that the rent we pay for living in a free society is the giving of ourselves.

A TCADD Regional Center Board Member:

  • has a demonstrated interest in, or knowledge of developmental disabilities.
  • is open-minded, competent, dedicated and hard working.
  • is a source of new ideas.
  • wants to fulfill responsibilities to society and encourage others to do so.
  • is knowledgeable about the purposes, programs and needs of the board and TCRC.
  • takes the time to personally observe the services provided by TCRC, to gain the understanding that is necessary for making sound policy judgments.
  • understands the fiscal responsibilities of the corporation.
  • discharges the duties of a Director in good faith with diligence, care and prudence.
  • has sound judgment.
  • understands the need for personal involvement of key people to stimulate community action.
  • is proactive about solving community problems.
  • is objective.
  • keeps abreast of social change, social ills, the changing economy, and other factors which influence the lives of people.


Governing board members must meet the requirements described in the California Welfare and Institutions Code Sections 4622 and 4626 of the Lanterman Act 2011.