Self Appraisal

Serving on the Board

Being asked to serve does not mean you must serve. If the desire is present, please review these general guidelines.

  1. Review your personal involvement and be sure you have adequate time to sufficiently discharge the duties inherent to this position.
  2. Assess your personal skills, talents and experience, and offer to serve on committees in areas where your strengths can be of value to the Board.
  3. Be prompt for scheduled meetings. Regular attendance and attention will quickly increase your value to the Board.
  4. To give your best, obtain the information necessary to understand fully the responsibilities of your position.
  5. As a volunteer you should become familiar with the staff and their areas of responsibilities.
  6. Information imparted publicly should reflect the decisions of the Board as opposed to individual opinions and views.
  7. If you are not in accord with the values or objectives of TCRC, consider declining the invitation to serve.