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TCRC’s Independent Assessment of Supported Living Services

Assessment Tool and Process

In June of 2011, legislation was passed that mandated an independent evaluation of all existing and proposed supported living arrangements (SLS) whose cost is 125% or more of the statewide average of such services.  In response, TCRC has vendored two very experienced agencies to perform these assessments.  Provided here for your information is the assessment tool that will be used by these agencies.

TCRC developed both the program design of this new service and the assessment tool in collaboration with the provider agencies to take advantage of their expertise and to make sure that there would be consistency in the way the assessments are conducted and findings reported.  Our goal has been not only to comply with the law but to do so through a person centered process that will provide a comprehensive picture of each person’s individual strengths and service needs.

This is a completely new requirement and service and TCRC will be focusing on refining and improving both the assessment tool and the process as we go forward.  We will welcome feedback from individuals and families going through the process and will take their experience into consideration.  TCRC thanks everyone for their cooperation and collaboration in making this a successful program.

SLS Independent Accessors

AIDD (Association for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities)

Contact: Jack Darakjian President
Vendor #: PT1148
Signatory: same as above
520 W. 5th Street, Oxnard, CA 93030
Tel: 805-824-2323, Fax: 818 244 2489

CBEM (Center for Behavior Education and Management)

Contact: Hannah Bales, Regional Director
Vendor #: PT1147
Signatory Steve Westemeier, President
1000 Town Center Drive, Suite 300, Oxnard, CA 93036
Tel: 805-601-0361, Fax 1-800-450-5024