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Completing and Submitting the DS1891 Form

All vendored Service Providers are required to complete and submit the DS1891 Applicant/Vendor Disclosure Form.  The links below will take you to an instruction manual and a PowerPoint presentation that will guide you through the process of accessing the DS1891 website and completing and submitting the DS1891 form online.

DS1891 PowerPoint (PDF)

DS1891 PowerPoint (PPTX)

DS1891 Portal Instructions

Billing & Authorizations



DDS now requires all Service Providers to submit invoices electronically - with the exception of Parent Vouchered services (respite, day care...).  Electronic billing allows you to access your monthly invoice directly through a secure Internet site. With a log-in and password, you can access billing and payment history at any time.


To sign up for e-Billing please complete the enrollment form below.  Once you have submitted your enrollment form - instructions on how to access and complete your on-line bill will be sent to you.




Service Provider Portal

The Service Provider Portal allows providers to receive authorization information faster and in a more efficient way than by traditional mail service.

After the authorization is input into the TCRC system, it will be available to service providers typically within one working day.  Additional reports allow the service provider to reference important consumer information and plan for authorization expiration dates, all online.

To enroll in the Portal - please complete the enrollment form listed below.






Direct Deposit:

TCRC now requires all providers to be paid electronically.   A Direct Deposit form must be submitted with a copy of a cancelled check.



Memo from DDS regarding the 5.82% Increase to Implement the New FLSA Regulation

Additional Resources:

For Residential and ICF providers: Trust Management Services (TMS) and P&I funds - FAQ

Service Provider Requests to Waive Staff Ratio Requirement

Achievement House Inc. (AHI) is requesting consideration of an AB 637/1543/1106 proposal to waive requirements around the ratio for 1:8 in an adult program per regulation. AHI's Activity Center's program design is intended to provide a new training model for individuals served in San Luis Obispo County. This program design represents a comprehensive approach to service delivery including a broad based curriculum that meets the diverse needs of the individuals.  AHI's intent with this new program design is to provide a stimulating and enriching environment for program participants. Training will include site based activities, community integration, social activities, daily living skills, job preparation and paid work. 

AHI's goal is to provide a model curriculum wherein individuals experience a wide range of social, vocational, physical, and development opportunities that are designed to meet individual goals and objectives as indicated in the Individual Program Plan (IPP) and the Individual Service Plan (ISP).  The individuals will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of classroom settings and pick a curriculum that meets their interest and needs.

The request for the program with a capacity of 60 is for a person served to staff ratio of 1:6 rather than 1:8.  AHI details are listed below.

AB 637/1543/1106 Proposal
Achievement House Inc. (AHI) Vendor HT0483 Service code 505
Achievement House Activity Center
553 Higuera Street
San Luis Obispo  93401

If you have comments around this request, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Friday June 10, 2011.

Tools of Person Centered Thinking


Tool What It Does Possible Uses
Important to/
Important for
A way to sort while working towards a good solution. · To think through a situation before deciding what should happen next
· As an every day tool
Donut Identifies role-specific responsibilities. (core responsibilities; use judgment and creativity) · Help staff get clear about their responsibilities
· Develop job descriptions
· A structure for feedback and evaluation
Matching Staff A structure to look at both what skills/supports and what “people characteristics" make for good matches · Help people think about the kind of staff they want and need
· Hire best matched staff
· Help to build community connections
Communications At-a-glance view of key information and how a person communicates. Especially useful in supporting people who don’t communicate well with words · For people to get to know a person more quickly
· Help people know how to support someone during challenging times
What’s Working/
Not Working
Analyzes an issue/situation across multiple perspectives. Provide a picture of how things are right now. · To do pinpoint problem solving
· Before planning next steps
· To get a broader perspective
Helps people look at learning from their efforts.

Given that learning a way to focus on future efforts.
· To evaluate a specific process or effort

· As a structure for group review
The Learning Log Directs people to look for ongoing learning.

A structure that captures details of learning within specific activities and experiences
· Replace the standard “progress note"
· Track efforts related to a specific focused area of change
· Deepen learning over time

For more information visit The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices  link